Children need consistency, and developing a daily routine for your child will build the foundation they need to thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically on a day-to-day basis. Here are three reasons why you should establish a daily routine for your child:

A routine provides structure and establishes expectations

As children continue to develop, it is crucial that they have structure. If a child has scheduled naps, meals, and playtime, this conditions their “body clocks” to be hungry, tired, and energetic around the same times each day. When a child knows what to expect at home and school, they feel more secure and less anxious with uncertainty.

A routine provides stability and security 

Whether it be financial burdens, divorce, or everything in between, all families endure stressful seasons. No matter the hardship, a daily routine provides your child with normalcy in the midst of chaos. Their daily routine is the one thing that will not change and this provides them comfort. Without this security, children are likely to act out, especially in stressful situations.

A routine promotes good habits

A daily routine teaches your child discipline. If your child develops a habit of cleaning their playroom after dinner each night, they will likely value cleanliness for years to come. If your child comes home from school every day and completes their homework before going to a friend’s house, they are likely to prioritize school and continue to thrive academically. Forming good habits at a young age will promote positive long-term behavior.

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