Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you’re probably wondering, “What should I send for my child’s Valentine’s Day party?” Here are a few ideas to get you started:


This one’s a no-brainer but Valentine’s Day is nothing without some festive cards. There are a variety of cards to choose from at your local grocery store, many of which include characters from some of your child’s favorite shows or books. Let your child pick their Valentines and make sure there are plenty for each student in their class. Have your child sit down and address one to each of their peers and customize the messages as they please.

Seasonal candy

Sweeten up your child’s valentines by adding a few pieces of seasonal candy, like Hershey kisses, Smarties, and suckers. Get a variety of sweet treats — and if there are any leftovers, send the rest of the bag to school with your child to give to their teacher to pass out.

Cookies or cupcakes

If you want to send some sweet treats other than candy, seasonal cookies or cupcakes are perfect. These bite-sized treats are easy to pass out and reduce clean-up, as there are fewer wrappers. During February, your local bakeries will be selling heart-shaped cookies and cupcakes with decorative icing and sprinkles — no baking necessary!

Seasonal books or movies

Every classroom party needs fun activities, so be the parent who volunteers to bring a seasonal book or movie to keep the kids entertained. Parties and movie days don’t happen often, so the kids will be thrilled with this change of pace. Next time you’re at the store, make a quick sweep of the kid’s books and check out their Valentine’s collection.


A “thank you” gift for the teacher

Valentine’s Day is another opportunity to show gratitude for your child’s teacher(s). Say “thank you” with a special treat or gift this year. If you know your child’s favorite stores or restaurants, send a gift card and a “thank you” note. If they have a sweet tooth, send a special baked good that they don’t have to share with the kiddos.

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