Now that we live in a digital age, technology is more accessible than it’s ever been before. From television to tablets, children love their screen time! However, screen time has actually become a fairly controversial topic among parents. Is it beneficial or harmful to a child’s development? The Kangaroo Forest has provided a list of pros and cons:

Positive Effects

Having access to technology means we have an abundance of knowledge right at our fingertips! There are millions of educational programs on television and across the internet. Additionally, schools can increase classroom engagement by utilizing technology. 

Within the last decade alone, we have made so many technological advancements that increase overall productivity in the workplace, schools, and in our homes. Therefore, your child will be required to use technology at some point during their education and in their career. Using technology from a young age will ensure your child is prepared for the future.

Negative Effects

Excessive screen time can affect a child’s health, academic performance, and social development. Increased sedentary activity, such as watching television from the couch, increases risk of weight gain and obesity. The light emitted by screens may also affect sleep patterns and cause insomnia. Furthermore, using these devices frequently can affect vision and posture.

Additionally, the more time a child spends on their iPad, the less time they are spending interacting with others. Therefore, excessive screen time can affect a child’s social skills and ability to communicate with others. 

Because the internet provides infinite access to information, your child could be consuming inappropriate content if unmonitored.

At The Kangaroo Forest, we understand there are pros and cons to screen time! Therefore, we design curriculum that provides our students with opportunities to interact with technology - and one another! For more information, contact us today.