In most early childhood programs, there is great emphasis on letter and number recognition, phonics, and social development. However, creative curriculum is just as important to a child’s development as these foundational skills. Here are a few ways we allow our students to express their creativity and learn new things outside of their foundational curriculum:


Introducing music into learning is said to improve fine motor skills and coordination, language development, and focus/memory — and it’s also a whole lot of fun too! At The Kangaroo Forest, we offer interactive music education classes for every age group. Our music classes follow themes and include activities that are proven to stimulate development and promote having fun in the classroom.


By the age of 2, children’s fine motor skills become a little more sophisticated, but still require a little practice in order to achieve precision. Dancing is a great way for children to refine these skills and develop coordination. At The Kangaroo Forest, we offer a preschool dance program. Our little dancers will learn the fundamentals of dancing through ballet, jazz, and hip hop.


For kindergarten and first graders wanting to expand on their daily science lessons, we have a program called Science Quest. This weekly program is taught by Mr. Jon, who offers more than 25 years experience in his field. Science Quest is fun, exciting, and educational, providing students with many hands-on experiences.

The Kangaroo Forest also offers classes on fitness and nutrition, Spanish, computer literacy, engineering, and more. Many of these classes are included in each students’ weekly programs or can be added on a fee-based schedule. Interested in learning more? Visit our activities page or contact us today for more information.