The act of play is necessary for the growth of your child. This is when children learn and explore the world, build social skills and problem solve in a safe environment. As a parent, it’s important to take the time to engage in playtime whenever possible.

Get Involved

Even as a baby, your child can enjoy playtime. Children can begin to exchange smiles and giggles as early as two months of age. By creating a back and forth type of interaction, you are preparing your child for advanced play in the future.

Make Playtime Interactive

Parents can be instrumental in supporting an interactive type of play. Put away your phone, get away from your distractions and be intentional with the time you have with your child. If you’re on an imaginary adventure, ask questions and create new scenarios. Remember, you are your child’s biggest role model. Your response to playtime will reflect how your child engages with you in the future.

Encourage Imagination

Your child doesn’t need to newest, flashiest toy to engage in great play. Encourage your child to dream up scenarios and storylines. Teach them how to turn everyday objects into spaceships or microphones. Using objects in different ways teaches your child creativity and innovation.

Let Children Take Risks

Take playtime a step further and let your child explore his or her surroundings. When children step out of their comfort zone, they build self-confidence. Taking your child to the park can encourage risk-taking in a controlled environment. Encourage your child to swing a little higher or swing across the monkey bars!

At the Kangaroo Forest, we encourage play throughout the day. Schedule a tour to see our students engage in educational playtime.