2022 Gift Guide: Christmas Edition

Christmas is less than a month away! Have you found the perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for your kids? If you’re fresh out of ideas, no worries — The Kangaroo Forest has created a 2022 gift guide for parents:

Imaginative play sets

For children ages 3-5, an imaginative play set is the perfect Christmas gift. Imaginative play sets include play kitchens, a doctor’s kit, a cash register, etc. Gifts like these are not only fun but support your child in developing their fine motor skills and may require them to think critically to solve a problem.

Workbooks/learning tablets 

Looking for a fun, educational gift? Age-appropriate workbooks or learning tablets are just the thing! Whether it’s math, science, reading, or writing, there are workbooks for all ages, full of engaging activities and lessons. There are also many learning tablets, such as LeapFrog, that provide the same educational experience but incorporate modern technology.

Art kits

Are your kiddos creative and artsy? From slime and kinetic sand to painting and craft sets, there are a variety of artistic gifts to choose from. Most kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, but supervision is recommended, as some projects can get a little messy!

Board games

Between the ages of 9-11, children really begin using their problem-solving skills. Therefore, board games are the perfect gifts for children in this age group. Board games are fun but can also be educational, as they present challenges and obstacles your child must overcome. Board games are also a great way to encourage family time!

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