One Year Olds Center Activities

Below is an One Year Olds Center activity schedule:



06:30am - Arrival
07:30am - Circle time
08:00am - Diaper change / hand washing
08:30am - Snack
09:00am - Social & Emotional Development
09:15am - Art
10:00am- Clean up, diaper changes and hand washing
10:30-10:45am- Physical Activity/Motor Development
11-11:30am- Lunch 
11:30-2:00pm - Nap time
02:00pm - Diaper change and hand washing 
02:30pm - Story time
03:30-4:00pm - Snack
04:00pm - Diaper change and hand washing
04:30pm - Sing songs, individual play and free play
05:30pm - Preparing for departure


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