Infant and Toddler Center Activities

Below is an Infant and Toddler Center activity schedule: 


06:30am - Arrival / morning feedings
08:00am - Language activities and motor skill development
09:00am - Diaper changed & mid morning feedings & naps
10:00am - Music and story time
11:00am - Diaper changes, lunches and naps
12:00pm - Thematic activity
01:00pm - Diaper changes, playtime and naps
03:00pm - Buggy and stroller ride outside
04:00pm - Diaper changes, hand washing and language activities
05:00pm - Evening feeding and preparation for departure.

Infants and toddlers function on individual schedules throughout the day. Diapers are checked and changed hourly as needed. Feedings are conducted according to individual feeding schedules and naps are taken as needed.

Weekly developmental learning goals are prepared for each child and planned according to individual schedules.

The schedule listed above is a guideline of activities and can be changed daily as needed.


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