3 Healthy Practices to Implement at a Young Age

Health-conscious children grow up to be health-conscious adults! Developing healthy habits from a young age will ensure your child continues to adopt healthy habits into adulthood. Forming these 3 healthy habits at a young age will set your child up for success: 

Eating diverse, balanced meals

A well-balanced diet will ensure your child is consuming all the nutrients they need for optimal mental, emotional, and physical development. It isn’t always easy to convince children to eat vegetables, which is why it is crucial that they are introduced to a variety of foods early in life. A food’s color is indicative of its nutritional value and contents. Therefore, a child’s plate should be as colorful as possible.

Making time for physical activity

Incorporating physical activity also yields a variety of health benefits. Thus, an inactive child is at higher risk of heart disease and other related ailments than an active child. However, physical activity does not have to be strenuous; ask your child to join you for a walk around the block! The more active a child is, the more they crave physical activity. Additionally, children who are involved in team sports often see an increase in confidence and self-esteem, as well.

Going to the doctor for regular check-ups 

Though the average person usually only sees the doctor when they are sick, regular check-ups are actually encouraged; this is not exclusive to adults, as children are constantly growing and developing. Regular check-ups are crucial in identifying where your child lands on the developmental curve. Furthermore, going to the doctor for regular check-ups allows your child to ask questions and their doctor can address any health concerns you may have.  

At The Kangaroo Forest, we understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle! Therefore, we serve nutritious meals and offer our students many opportunities to participate in physical activities. Interested in learning more? Schedule a tour of our facilities today.


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