3 Learning Activities You Can Do From Home

Learning isn’t exclusive to the classroom. There are many ways parents can encourage learning at home - and make it fun! The Kangaroo Forest has compiled a list of learning activities your children are sure to love:

Play money

Utilizing play money is a great way to teach your child the value of a dollar, financial responsibility, and basic mathematical concepts. Give your child a daily or weekly allowance and assign values to their favorite snacks, activities, and toys. When your child wants a snack or toy, explain that everything has value and ask for their payment! Assist your child in counting their money and offer guidance in money management. It is important for children to understand that while they can spend money, they can also earn money. Create ways for your child to earn money throughout the day; if your child helps cook dinner, offer them $5 in play money. 


Yes, those spare shirt buttons finally serve a purpose! Believe it or not, buttons are great for teaching children addition, subtraction, and division, as well as concepts like sorting and classification. Gather a pile of buttons of various colors and sizes. Ask your child to sort these buttons into groups based on common traits; follow up by asking your child what each group has in common (size, color, texture, etc). For visual learners, utilizing buttons will make solving math problems easier! For example, your child can physically solve “2+2” by isolating two buttons then adding two more buttons to that group for a total of four buttons.

Letter association cards

Is your preschooler struggling to learn the alphabet? Create letter association cards! Using index cards, write a letter of the alphabet on each card. You could use these as flashcards for memorization, but where’s the fun in that? Make a scavenger hunt out of it! Choose one of the letter association cards and ask your child to search the house for items that begin with the chosen letter. Not only will this activity help with memorization, but your child will develop an understanding of phonics.

At The Kangaroo Forest, we believe there is no end to learning! Therefore, we encourage parents to engage their children in learning activities at home. Want to learn more about how you can implement these types of activities? Call us today!


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