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Along with back-to-school clothes and supply shopping, you might also be wondering what to pack in your child’s lunches. With a new school year just around the corner, it might be wise to start making a grocery list. It can be hectic during the school week, so it’s ideal to come up with quick, easy, and healthy lunches. To start, purchase your child a divided food container. This will help separate your child’s lunch into quadrants, allowing space for each food item. Kids are growing and developing every single day, so providing them with the nutrients they need is crucial. This means children should also be sticking to the main food groups, such as vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy, and protein. To get you started, here are 3 back-to-school lunch ideas that are both good and nutritious.

Lunch Box #1

For young children, you will need to keep things interesting. This means incorporating colors, shapes with cutters, and treats that will encourage them to try new things. For lunch idea number 1, incorporate pesto pasta as the main course. Pasta can be an easy and fun option, and can be interchangeable with different sauces. As for sides, include rotisserie chicken, carrots, and fresh berries. Rotisserie chicken can be purchased in-store, has lots of flavor, and is a great source of protein. Fruits and veggies will add color and crunch to your child’s lunch box, and can even be spiced up with their favorite sweet or savory dipping sauces. For a drink, add a carton of your preferred milk to count as their dairy intake of the day. This will achieve a fun, balanced lunch that any child will love!

Lunch Box #2

Kids and adults both love a good ole fashioned PB&J, but they’re even more exciting when cut in fun shapes! Use your favorite sandwich cookie-cutter to create fun, snack-sized sandwiches that kids will love. For sides, add apple slices for fruit, snap peas for veggies, a boiled egg for protein, and yogurt for dairy. These lunch items are lean, nourishing, and old classics for a reason. Who said school lunches have to be boring?

Lunch Box #3

Is your child sick of sandwiches? No problem! Ditch the bread and make them turkey & cheese roll-ups. Use a tortilla to combine your child’s favorite lunch meat, cheese, and lettuce for some extra crunch. Turkey rolls are simple, but are a great alternative to a traditional sandwich. The best part is that this counts as a protein, grain, vegetable, and a dairy. Pair this with sides such as red grapes, celery sticks (with peanut butter), and yogurt covered raisins. To go the extra mile, add a fun little note for your child to find in their lunch box. 

Making sure your child maintains a balanced diet can be difficult, but making fun, creative lunches will make this school year one to remember! 

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