4 Signs Your Child Needs Structure

Just like adults who work, children sometimes require a structured lifestyle. Adults give themselves a routine so that they can put less energy into scrambling through the day and more energy into completing their tasks. This form of structure can prevent people from feeling overwhelmed and help them stay on track with their day. So if you’re curious about if this will benefit kids the same way, here’s 4 signs your child needs structure:


One way to recognize the need for structure is when you begin to have transitioning issues. This can include bedtimes, morning routines, or homework sessions. Any point in which you are asking for compliance and not receiving it, this could be a sign that your child would benefit from structure.

Another sign could be that your child may have more regular meltdowns. Children without consistent routines may become upset when told to do something they are not used to doing. A child being told to go to sleep at an earlier hour after never having a consistent bedtime routine will be confused and will likely react to this sudden change.

Something else to take notice of is how your child is interacting with other children. If your children fight constantly and never seem to resolve it, it could stem from not having the stability of structure. This will also impact their ability to maintain friendships as well as making new friends.

Finally, your child might deliberately break rules due to uncontrollable emotions. Everyone requires consistency, especially when children are this young.

Ways To Provide Structure

If you want to provide structure for your child, remember to start slow. Begin establishing household rules by writing them down, and regularly discuss them with your child. This will condition them into understanding what is expected of them. Continue to reinforce these rules until they are followed properly.

Create a daily routine so that they will get used to being told what to do and when to do it. Brushing their teeth, story time, lunch time, nap time, dinner time, and bedtime should occur at the same time each day. This will give your child a sense of direction.

Be patient as your child acclimates to their new environment and routine. After they become accustomed to the organized routine, their behavior will improve overtime. Routines make us as adults feel better, so our kids deserve the same to help them develop in the best way possible. 

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