4 Summer Activities Your Child Will Love

Summer is quickly approaching, which means school will be out before we know it! Have you thought of ways to keep the kids entertained while home for the summer? Here are a few summer activities your child will love:


Sometimes kids need a change of scenery; having a picnic is a great way to get the kids out of the house. Pack a bag with food and drinks and walk to your local park. Who doesn’t love lunch with a view? After lunch, the kids can release some energy on the playground - they’ll wear themselves out and you’ll have no issue putting them to bed!

Backyard camping 

From tents and campfires to ghost stories and more, camping is an activity the whole family will enjoy! Going on a camping trip with small children can be stressful though. Camping in the backyard is a great alternative if you’d prefer staying closer to home. Setting up campsite in the backyard means you’re far away from wild animals and closer to a bathroom! 


Museums are fun and educational! There are many kid-friendly museums that include a range of exhibits; from art and science to history and more, there’s a museum for every child and their interests. Though you will likely have to pay admissions, most children’s museums offer discounted tickets on certain days. 

Art classes

Have you run out of DIY craft projects? Take your children to an art class! There are many painting and pottery studios to choose from; some studios offer helpful instruction, while others allow free, unguided expression. Like children’s museums, many art studios offer discounted tickets on certain days.

Summer is the season of fun and family - don’t miss out on opportunities to make memories with your children! Need more ideas? Contact The Kangaroo Forest today!


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