How Screen Time Impacts Social Development for Kids

When it comes to parenting, there are a few controversial debates that can lead to contention. Depicting what's right or wrong when raising kids can get complicated, specifically when it comes to allowing screen time. Screen time has been reported to interfere with development and can cause aggressive behavior, but is this really true? Let’s go over how screen time impacts social development, and if it’s to blame for behavioral issues.

The Positives 

Children being raised in this day and age are desensitized to the common use of technology. Seeing a smartphone in the hands of their parents will be a normality in their household from the very beginning, and will spark their interest at an early age. Due to this interest, schools have begun incorporating more technology when creating curriculum. This has resulted in children enjoying learning more, increasing their focus and desire to stay on task. Parents may see this as an opportunity, and will allow screen time if spent on educational apps. Children will associate technology as a resource for entertainment, and learning games can be the best way to educate them without a fuss.

The Negatives

Socially, technology has been said to negatively impact children’s social development. Spending too much time on the screen can reduce your child’s in-person interactions and can hinder their social skills. Kids will need this exposure in order to make friends and make future connections when they grow older. In their younger years, it is crucial to encourage social interactions to avoid feelings of isolation and anxiety. The world will expect your child to communicate and maneuver themselves through life, which can be more difficult if they are glued to a screen. While screen time can damage your child’s social development, it can also gradually destroy their eyes and posture. Instead, have your children play with toys that encourage social interaction, creativity, and imagination. Playing outside can help your child stay active while getting that much needed vitamin D.

Screen time can be a lifesaver for parents who are busy and need a small distraction, but it is important to limit screen time for the sake of your child’s development. Looking for childcare in The Woodlands, Texas? Interested in learning more? Visit our programs page or contact us today!


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