How to Boost Your Child’s Reading Skills

We all know how much academic success relies on literacy, and encouraging your children to read is a great way to strengthen their intellectual ability. Reading can be pleasurable and is a great alternative to video games and watching television. However, some children experience difficulties reading and require extra help. This can be a major concern for some parents, so here are some helpful ways to boost your child’s reading skills. 

Establish a Routine

Setting aside time to sit down and practice anything will lead to improved results. Take a few minutes out of every day to read, practice pronunciation, and expand their vocabulary. Establishing a set routine is helpful when trying to stay consistent. Having a routine will result in less tantrums from children, where they can eventually accept it as part of their daily schedule. Start by reading to them before bed, and have them take turns to read a page. This can be an entertaining bonding experience for both parent and child, making memories while learning. Over time, the reading responsibility will shift over to the child, building their confidence in their ability to read. 

Find a Favorite Genre

Finding books your child enjoys is the most effective way to retain their attention and interest. Learn what genre what they seem to like the most, and provide them with more books they’ll likely pick up on their own. Fantasy, comedic, mystery, and educational books all serve a purpose for young readers. Exploring all age-appropriate genres will expand your child’s mind and imagination, opening their eyes to how fun reading can be. Taking pleasure in reading will result in more practice, and can turn into an exciting new hobby.

Reading is a necessary skill in life, but can be harder for some than others. This doesn’t mean your child is bad at reading, but that they could use more inspiration to practice. Use these tips to help intrigue your child while helping them progress in their studies. Looking for childcare in The Woodlands, Texas? Interested in learning more? Visit our programs page or contact us today!


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