How to Discuss Bullying With Your Child

The topic of bullying can be difficult to discuss with a child, but it must be done in order for them to prepare to see or deal with conflict. It can be devastating to watch your child experience the pain of physical or emotional bullying, so making sure they trust to talk to you is crucial. Here are a few helpful ways to educate and break the ice on the topic of bullying.

How to Help

Identifying bullying can be difficult when not in the classroom with your child. You will have to educate your children on what a bully is and how to bring it to your attention. Let them know to watch out for both themselves and other children by alerting an adult on the matter. It’s important to reiterate that they can tell you anything no matter what the problem is. Bullies intend to hurt others physically or with the use of words, and assert themselves into a position of power. Let your child understand that words hurt, and saying mean things is not okay. Putting hands on other people and hurting them is also unacceptable. Encourage your children to talk to you or to trust their teachers if they need help. As kids become older, they will know from early on that bullying other people is not allowed. Bullying can evolve with them, and take place online between them and other users. Make sure to gain access to their social media accounts and child-proof them to protect them from harmful content and hateful interactions.

What Are the Signs?

If bullying takes place without your knowledge, look for the signs to make sure you don’t miss anything. Parents might notice a sudden change in their child’s personality, behaviors, and their moods. Watch to make sure they are eating, getting a good night’s sleep, and completing homework. They might lash out randomly, becoming moodier than usual. Sometimes kids will avoid certain situations like taking the bus or asking to stay home all together. If they begin to resent school and give you trouble about attending, it’s time to talk to their teacher. 

Bullying has and always will be an issue, but it doesn’t mean there’s no solution. Make sure to build your relationship and trust with your child to ensure access to their social lives. This will keep you in the loop when it comes to their well-being and who they interact with. Looking for childcare in The Woodlands, Texas? Interested in learning more? Visit our programs page or contact us today!


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