STEM Activities For Preschoolers

STEM Activities for Preschoolers

Knowledge is key, so filling the minds of children with education is crucial from the moment they open their eyes. Parents will notice quickly that children are always learning, whether it’s intentional or not. Kids learn about the world around them through visual aid, touch, and are always in a state of excitement when it comes to new things. As far as preschoolers are concerned, introducing lesson plans can be difficult. This is where STEM activities come in.

What is STEM?

To answer the big question, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM activities pertain to these subjects, yet are introduced to kids in creative ways. These activities are generally hands-on or interactive so that the child can become more engaged. It can be hard for teachers to keep the younger children interested, leading to them falling behind and not absorbing the material. STEM activities can be a better first impression for them and will likely stick in their memory.

STEM Activities

To avoid losing a child’s attention, the use of STEM activities can be introduced because they are both enjoyable and beneficial. Many activities are simple, but can be eye opening for a young child. Activities such as dissecting a flower can fulfill the natural curiosity and engage them with plant science. Build a castle using marshmallows and toothpicks to develop engineering skills, or simply practice counting with blocks or buttons. It is possible to make learning fun, and will prepare them for subjects that require more concentration. 

The mind of a child is often compared to a sponge, meaning the early stages of their development are crucial. Taking advantage of these years can make a huge difference in their future and can help form their attitude towards learning in general. STEM activities might just make the impact they need to grow and learn as an individual. 

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