Addressing Behavioral Challenges

As your child begins developing mentally, emotionally, and socially, they may not always be on their best behavior - this is normal, as they are learning how to function around others. However, it is important for parents to identify concerning behavioral patterns and address these challenges appropriately. Whether your child experiences temper tantrums or struggles with a behavioral disorder such as oppositional defiant disorder, there are behavioral therapy techniques parents may utilize to better manage behavioral challenges:

Identify triggers

Triggers are the factors that initiate reactive behavior. When you identify what makes your child react poorly, you may anticipate when an angry outburst will occur; when you are prepared for the behavior, you are prepared to respond appropriately. Knowing exactly what to expect also allows you to prevent reactive behavior from occurring.

Remain calm

It can be easy to lose your patience with a child who is experiencing an angry outburst, but the last thing you want to do is react out of anger or frustration. Raising your voice will only add fuel to the fire! Addressing behavioral challenges in a controlled tone of voice will capture your child’s attention and teach them how to better express themselves.

Explain the consequences

Because their brains are not fully developed, children are incapable of predicting the consequences of their actions. Therefore, children must be taught foresight. If you’re expecting an angry outburst, remind your child that this type of reactive behavior will result in a loss of their privileges (i.e. no television after school). When they begin to recognize that poor behavior has consequences, these outbursts will occur less often. 

At The Kangaroo Forest, our childcare professionals are trained on how to address specific behavioral challenges. For more information, contact us today!


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