The Benefits of Distance Learning (World Distance Learning Day - August 31)

August 31 is World Distance Learning Day! Since 2020, distance learning has become increasingly popular. Why do so many prefer this unconventional learning experience over the traditional classroom setting? Here are a few benefits of distance learning: 

It’s flexible and self-paced

One of the biggest benefits of distance learning is flexibility. Without a daily commute and the bounds of a physical classroom, students and teachers have a better school-life balance. Not all lectures are live; some are pre-recorded. This allows students to work at their own pace and revisit lectures as needed. Furthermore, the virtual classroom setting actually decreases the amount of time spent “in class” and cuts down on “busy work”, meaning students are optimizing their time and learning.

It’s accessible and accommodating

For students with special needs and academic accommodations, accessibility is important. For students with physical disabilities, distance learning is more accessible, as it does not require a daily commute. For students with visual or hearing impairments, distance learning offers many tools that make classroom participation easier.

It teaches students responsibility

Because distance learning is flexible and self-paced, students are responsible for their own learning. In a traditional classroom setting, students have their teachers and peers to hold them accountable for completing their work. Though students still have communication with their teachers and peers in a virtual classroom setting, it is up to the students and their parents to ensure work is completed in a timely manner. This is great for teaching students responsibility and time management.

It teaches students technical skills

In 2022, everything is centered around technology. One day, your children will have jobs that require basic to advanced computer skills. With virtual learning, students become tech-savvy, as they navigate video conferences, research, email correspondence, and more. Virtual learning is foundational in career preparation.

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