Top 5 Brain Foods for Kids

If you have or care for children, it is important to provide enough vitamins and nutrients to prepare them for a healthy life. These nourishments are essential to the growth and development of brain function, especially within the first three years of life. Here are the top 5 foods that support brain health in kids: 

  1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can give your children, loaded with important nutrients including choline, vitamin b12, protein, and selenium. 

Choline is an especially important nutrient for brain development, believed to protect against nerve damage and improve cognitive functioning in young children when introduced to their diet within the first 1,000 days of life. 

  1. Berries

Berries contain important plant compounds called anthocyanins, which have been found to increase flood flow to the brain, promote production of nerve cells, improve learning and memory, and many other cognitive benefits. 

  1. Seafood

Seafood is an important source of brain-function boosting nutrients, from zinc to omega-3 fats. These necessary nutrients also assist in nerve production and brain function, especially in very young children. 

The one downside of seafood is the possibility of pollutants such as mercury, which have the opposite effects on cognitive function. For this reason we recommend serving children seafood with lower mercury levels like shrimp or salmon. 

  1. Green Vegetables

While the least appealing food to kids, leafy green vegetables are an essential source of brain-protecting compounds. Spinach, kale, and lettuce contain carotenoids, which are known to boost cognitive development, as well as many other important vitamins and minerals. 

  1. Greek Yogurt

Our last superfood to include is greek yogurt. Fermented foods such as greek yogurt are a great source of nutrients, especially ones with a low sugar content. The microbiome plays an important role in brain development and can easily be transformed into a yummy, child-friendly snack with the addition of fresh fruit or granola. 


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