3 Classic Christmas Movies Your Child Will Love

From Christmas trees and hot chocolate to ice skating and more, the holiday season is the best time of the year. Get in the spirit this holiday season with these classic Christmas movies:

Dr. Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

The Grinch is a green creature who lives on the outskirts of a town called Whoville. The Grinch is a grouchy, mean-spirited creature who hates the holiday season and wishes to ruin Christmas for all the Whos of Whoville. We are also introduced to the tiniest Who of them all, Cindy Lou Who, a local child who believes the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.

After meeting The Grinch and learning of his tragic past, six-year-old Cindy Lou Who nominates The Grinch to be the town’s Holiday Cheermeister, in an effort to open his heart to others.

There have been many adaptations of The Grinch, but the 2000 movie adaptation is a fan favorite! Jim Carry brings life to the character — and lots of laughs for children everywhere. 


One Christmas Eve, a baby at an orphanage finds his way into Santa’s gift sack and is unknowingly taken back to the North Pole. Once Santa and his elves discover the baby, they decide to keep the child and raise him as their own! Papa Elf adopts the baby and names him Buddy. 

After growing up believing he is one of Santa’s elves, Buddy (Will Ferrell) learns that he was actually born to a man named Walter Hobbs, a book publisher located in New York. After placing Walter on the Naughty List for his selfishness, Santa believes Buddy could be the only person capable of redeeming Walter. So, Buddy takes a trip to New York to meet his father and encourage him to change his ways before Christmas Eve.

With a balance of comedy, charm, and heartwarming moments, Elf has become a favorite for both children and parents alike.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is a series of vignettes, narrated by the adult Ralphie Parker, as he reflects on one holiday season during his childhood. When Ralphie was nine years old, all he wanted for Christmas was a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. After asking time and time again, Ralphie’s request was denied out of fear he would “shoot his eye out.”

On Christmas morning, Ralphie receives a Red Ryder BB Gun instead. When he goes outside to shoot his new gun, the BB ricochets off a metal sign, striking Ralphie’s glasses, and knocking them off his face. Unable to see, Ralphie steps on his glasses and breaks them. To avoid the inevitable “I told you so”, Ralphie lies and tells his mother that he fell and broke his glasses!

This funny memory is one of many in a series of vignettes that will leave you and your child wanting more!    

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