End-of-the-Year Survival Guide

Most school districts will be wrapping up their spring semesters within the next month, but students are already restless and dreaming of summer break. Here are a few tips for helping your child survive those end-of-the-year blues:

Stick to a schedule

With summer quickly approaching, it’s going to be a lot harder to get your children up and moving in the mornings. However, sticking to a schedule is important. Your child’s morning routine will set the tone for the rest of their day. If you allow them to sleep in or eat a sugary breakfast, they’ll drag for the rest of the day.

Treat these last days no different than the rest. Have your child wake up to an alarm, eat a protein-rich breakfast, get their school bag ready, and be out the door by a certain time. Consistency is key to surviving the end of the school year. 


During the last month of school, most students are feeling a bit lazy; their heads are in the clouds, dreaming of summer break. They aren’t focused in class, and assignments are late or incomplete. Act as your child’s accountability partner and remind them that they won’t be able to enjoy summer if they’re stuck in summer school — if they don’t make the grades, they won’t get to play!

When your child arrives home from school each day, have them sit down at the kitchen table and complete their assignments before relaxing for the evening. Remind your child that the school year isn’t over yet and there’s still work to be done!

Offer incentives 

In the weeks leading up to summer break, getting your child to buckle down and focus is like pulling teeth. If your child has lost their motivation, offer incentives! Does your child have a favorite meal or dessert? A favorite activity? Something they’re looking forward to doing this summer? Children don’t want to invest their time and efforts into something if they see no benefit in doing it. Offer to make your child their favorite snack if they complete their homework. Plan a beach trip for the entire family, under the conditions that your child complete all their assignments and finish the school year with good grades.

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