Family-Friendly New Yearís Eve Activities

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner! Don’t have plans yet but want to enjoy some wholesome family fun? Here are a few ideas for family-friendly New Year’s Eve activities:

Watch the ball drop

There aren’t too many family-friendly New Year’s Eve parties open to the public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasion from the comfort of your couch with the kiddos! Join in tradition and watch the ball drop on NYE. Every year, stations like ABC and CNN broadcast the Times Square ball drop. This broadcast features live performances and other entertainment leading up to the big NYE countdown. So gather up the family, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the show!

Pop fireworks

No local fireworks shows? Pop some fireworks in the privacy of your own backyard! There are fireworks stands everywhere — from firecrackers and sparklers to Roman candles and more, there are a variety of cool fireworks to choose from. If you have small children, they might startle easily. Avoid loud fireworks and start small with sparklers.

Before purchasing any fireworks, be sure to read up on firework laws in your area! Click here to learn more about the regulations in Texas.

Throw a party

Wanna join in on the festivities in a safe, family-friendly environment? Host your own NYE party and invite family, friends, neighbors, and even your kids’ classmates. Prepare NYE themed dishes and desserts, set up backyard games, and build a makeshift photo backdrop. 

If you wish to pop fireworks, have everyone bring lawn chairs and blankets. 

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