5 Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Texas

Saturday, May 27 is National Road Trip Day! With summer right around the corner, it’s time to load the kids into the car and take a trip. The Kangaroo Forest has compiled a list of family-friendly tourist attractions in Texas:

San Antonio’s Riverwalk

The riverwalk is the heart of San Antonio. Lined with a variety of shops and restaurants, the riverwalk stretches for miles. Your family can enjoy a nice meal on one of the many outdoor patios overlooking the San Antonio River or take a boat ride down the river for a historical guided tour.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Have you ever wanted to walk among the dinosaurs? At Dinosaur Valley State Park, you can walk in the footsteps of prehistoric dinosaurs. Dinosaur Valley is over 20 miles long and runs along the Paluxy River. Take photos with visible dinosaur prints! You can also take a guided tour of the park, swim, bike, camp, and more.

Cadillac Ranch

Taking a cross country trip or just passing through West Texas? Hop out and stretch your legs at Cadillac Ranch. Cadillac Ranch is located in Amarillo and serves as a great photo op for the whole family. Sticking out of the ground, this long line of old Cadillacs are decorated in layers of bright spray paint. If you know you’ll be passing through, bring a can of spray paint and let the kids leave their mark on Cadillac Ranch!  

Fort Worth Zoo

Passing through North Texas? Take a quick trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. With ​​540 species of mammals, birds, and ectotherms, there’s so much to see. Explore all nine habitats — from the African savannah and Australian outback to the Great Barrier Reef and more. For kiddos that want to get a little more hands-on, the Fort Worth Zoo has a petting zoo habitat featuring ​​donkeys, goats, sheep, and more.

Big Bend National Park

Calling all nature lovers! Bask in the beauty that is Big Bend National Park. Big Bend is located in West Texas along the Rio Grande River and offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Families can explore the mountains and canyons, hike the trails, paddle the river, or set up camp. With over 400 species of birds, bird watching is also a popular activity at Big Bend. 

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