Gift-Receiving Etiquette for Children

Your children are about to be showered with love this holiday season! As exciting as it is to unwrap gifts with the whole family, it’s important that children understand gift-receiving etiquette. Here’s what you need to know about gift-receiving etiquette for children:

Focus on one item/person at a time

On holidays like Christmas, kids are in a big hurry to open all their gifts and play. But the best way a child can show respect for the gift giver(s) is to focus on one gift at a time, giving that person their undivided attention. Even if they’re still excited about the presents they’ve already unwrapped or are eager to open their next gift, focusing on the present in their hand and acknowledging the person giving that present is a wonderful way they can show their appreciation.

Show gratitude

Someone has invested time and money into purchasing your child a gift. After your child opens each gift, they should express their gratitude with words of affirmation. A simple “thank you” or “I love it, thank you for thinking of me” goes a long way. If comfortable, they can offer a hug!

Offer positive feedback

Your child isn’t always going to love the gifts they receive, but should be taught how to accept these types of gifts with grace. If your child opens a gift they do not like, they can still offer positive feedback in some form. For instance, if they receive a shirt they do not like, they could say, “I love the color of this shirt! Thank you!”

Write a “thank you” note

The holidays can be crazy, especially with relatives coming and going. If your child is unable to interact with everyone while visiting, encourage them to write “thank you” cards to everyone who gave them a gift. The card does not have to be long — simply address them by name, express gratitude for the specific item, express how excited they are to use the item, and offer best wishes.

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