Encouraging Education with Diverse Learning Styles

Every individual learns differently. Some prefer to look at photos, others like to read and sometimes listening can be a student’s preferred method of learning. It is important to embrace different learning styles during early childhood to teach children educational strategies and help them through their schooling. 


Students who prefer visual learning remember information best when presented with pictures or graphics. They like to read on their own instead of listening to another person or recording. These students often like to take notes, create to-do lists, color code information and doodle when bored.


Auditory learners retain more information when concepts are explained to them. They also benefit from repeating information or reading out loud. Students who prefer this method of learning enjoy discussion, verbal praise from teachers and typically exhibit extroverted personalities.


Kinesthetic and tactile learners need to move. These students learn best with hands-on activities including games, skits and building blocks. With kinesthetic learners, teachers must find ways to encourage learning without interrupting other students. Adults will sometimes misdiagnose kinesthetic learners with ADHD.

Social vs. Solitary Learning

Educators must take classmate interaction into consideration for education. Some students learn better in group settings where peers gather in a group to work on assignments and projects. Other students prefer to work alone. They understand information best when they can work out problems without classmate input. 

Using Learning Styles to Develop Lesson Plans

Early education is a pivotal moment in a child’s life. Childcare professionals should try to incorporate different learning styles into curriculum to make sure each student is retaining information. Encouraging learning at an early age creates a strong foundation for a successful academic career.

At the Kangaroo Forest, our educators carefully develop curriculum with your child in mind. Each day, students have access to different learning styles so no one falls behind. To enroll your child in our early learning center, contact us.


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