New Year’s Resolutions for Kids (All Age Groups)

Want to encourage good habits in your children? Creating New Year’s Resolutions as a family is a great place to start! The Kangaroo Forest has compiled a list of New Year’s Resolutions for all age groups:


Children ages 2-4 are young but can still handle small, bite-sized goals. They obviously will not be coming up with these goals on their own, so they’ll need some encouragement from Mom or Dad. Consider their developmental milestones; what do you want your child to achieve before they start school? Here are a few age-appropriate goals for preschoolers:

  • Put away toys after using

  • Try one new food per week

  • Learn to share toys

  • No biting or hitting 

School-aged children

Children ages 5-10 are at the perfect age to learn responsibility. They’ve started school and can complete many tasks independently of their parents! Goals for school-aged children are often centered around household responsibilities and academic achievement:


  • Help parents make dinner once a week

  • Keep room tidy

  • Complete chores before being asked to do so

  • Read more chapter books


As children approach their teenage years, they’re expanding their knowledge, growing both academically and socially. Every day they’re learning more about themselves and their interests. Goals for pre-teens are often centered around school or their social lives:

  • Join a new club

  • Finish homework before watching TV or playing outside

  • Respond rather than react (taking a moment to calm down and process before responding)

  • Wake up to an alarm

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