How to Potty Train a Child in Daycare

When your child attends daycare, potty training becomes a team effort. At the Kangaroo Forest, located in The Woodlands, we encourage a strong parent-teacher partnership to benefit our students. Before starting the potty training process, discuss and agree on a consistent plan for your child. This minimizes confusion and creates structure for your child, helping them successfully transition to big kid undies!

Be Consistent

To easily potty train your child, their home bathroom routine needs to be similar to the one at daycare. For example, some daycares use a seat that attaches to an adult toilet while others use a small separate potty. Your child’s teacher can help you determine the best way to encourage consistency during the process. However, while it may be easier to potty train their child with similar systems at home and daycare, it is not impossible to train your child successfully with different equipment.

Dress Your Child in Practical Clothing

When you decide to start the potty training process, be mindful of the clothes you send your child to daycare in. Overalls, bodysuits or layers of clothing make it difficult for your child to be independent in the process and may lead to more accidents. Be sure to provide your child’s teacher with at least two extra sets of clothing and a full package of underwear so your child can change into something dry if an accident should occur. 

Is the Timing Right?

Big changes can slow your child’s progress. Moving, divorce, a new sibling or a change in daycare arrangements alter a child’s routine. Waiting to create a solid schedule or routine helps make potty training less stressful.

Celebrate with Rewards

How will your child be rewarded for using the potty? Will they get an award if they try or only if they use the restroom? Stickers are an easy and fun way to encourage your child to work towards independence in the restroom. Make sure to praise your child when they use the restroom or avoid accidents. 

You and your child’s teacher play a pivotal role in your child’s ability to master using the potty. With a solid potty training plan, you have the ability to make the experience fun and exciting for your child. At the Kangaroo Forest, we’re happy to help our students and their parents during the potty training process. Contact us for more information.


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