Introducing Problem Solving Skills to Children

Early childhood introduces opportunities to develop problem solving skills. During this crucial stage of life, children begin to participate in decision making and learn basic analytical skills. At the Kangaroo Forest, a premier early childhood educational facility in The Woodlands, our educators allow students to take risks, experiment and make mistakes in a supportive, safe environment.

Introducing Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is defined as the ability to look at a problem in many different ways. Our curriculum encourages students to become flexible and fluent thinkers who can present multiple ideas and view situations with open minds. During class, our teachers invite children to brainstorm by asking open-ended questions. After students give their answers, they can reflect and begin to understand there are many right answers to solving problems.

How Our Teachers Encourage Critical Thinking Skills

Students develop critical thinking skills any time they are able to break down a problem and analyze it. During early childhood, children begin learning problem solving skills by sorting, classifying and comparing objects. At the Kangaroo Forest, our teachers help students by breaking large problems into smaller parts for easier solutions. They also encourage students to express their own ideas and ask questions.

Developing Problem Solving Skills in Early Childhood

When you enroll your child in Kangaroo Forest, located in The Woodlands, your student gains a support system who observes, supports and facilitates their problem solving skills. Unlike other things your student will learn during early childhood,  the ability to think logically and resolve problems apply to all aspects of their life. We encourage you to schedule a tour of our facility and see how our students learn problem solving skills each day. Contact us for more information.


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