How to Recognize Bullying (National Stop Bullying Day)

Bullying in school is far too prevalent — and with the introduction of smartphones and the anonymity of the internet, it has become that much easier. Concerned your child may be a victim of bullying? Here’s how to recognize the signs: 

Avoidance of social situations

Bullying can cause severe social anxiety — after all, socializing is where bullying begins. If your child is being bullied, they may shy away from social situations. In social situations, they may face further rejection. Social isolation is a coping mechanism for bullying. 

Loss of interest in school

Most of a child’s social interactions occur at school. Therefore, they often associate school with some of their worst social interactions. It’s common for victims of bullying to show less interest in school. Their mistreatment from others becomes their focus, so their academic performance may begin to decline. 

Lost items

If your child is a victim of bullying, you may notice their personal belongings going missing over time. It’s common for bullies to steal school supplies, jewelry, clothes, electronics, and more. You may not immediately realize your child is missing some of their personal belongings. Many children who are victims of bullying will hide the losses from their parents out of fear they’ll be in trouble.

Changes in sleep or appetite

The effects of bullying do not stop when school is out. Often, victims of bullying experience anxiety all hours of the day. The anxiety and intense emotions may result in restlessness and a loss of appetite.

Unexplainable injuries

Bullying isn’t always just social and psychological abuse. Often, bullying can be violent. If you begin noticing unexplainable bruising or scratches on your child’s body, they could be a victim of violent bullying.

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