How to Recognize Bullying

Kids do not usually tell an adult if they or someone they know is being bullied. According to a 2012 study, statistics show adults are only notified 40% of the time bullying takes place. At the Kangaroo Forest, our staff are trained to recognize the signs of bullying, but we believe parents and guardians should be educated as well.


Injuries are the most visual way an adult can tell if a child is being bullied. In daycares, bruises, scratches and bite marks are common injuries. If you spot any of these injuries, ask your child how they got them. Make sure your child understands they are in a safe environment and can tell you about their problems. If you suspect someone bullied and physically attacked your child, contact your childcare facility and ask them to investigate. 

Destroyed Personal Items
Bullies will often destroy the personal items of children they victimize. If your child comes home with ripped clothing or broken toys, jewelry or electronics, begin to pay more attention. Lost items might also tell if your child is being bullied. 

Changes in Behavior

Being proactive in your child’s life can help you discover signs of bullying quickly. Common behavioral signs of being bullied by another child include faking illness, skipping meals, binge eating, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, declining grades and sudden loss of friends or avoidance of social situations. If you feel your child is in distress or danger, don’t ignore the problem. Let your child’s teacher know about your concern so they can closely monitor them in class. 

Signs a Child is Bullying Others

While it is crucial to notice the signs of a bullied child, it is just as important to recognize the signs of a child bullying others. Bullies are increasingly aggressive, often getting into physical or verbal fights. They value their reputation or popularity and are often very competitive. Bullies will also refuse to accept responsibility for their actions and will sometimes resort to blaming others. Once you recognize a child bullying others, you can begin working with them and changing their behavior.

Safety is a top priority at the Kangaroo Forest. We hope to provide a nurturing environment for our children to grow and learn. For more information about facility and policies, contact us


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