3 Signs Your Child is Falling Behind in School

Concerned about your child’s academic performance? Here are a few signs they may be falling behind in school:

Loses interest in school

It’s common for students struggling in school to lose all interest in attending — even for students who once loved learning. They may be reluctant to discuss school and their academic performance. When preparing for school in the mornings, they may appear anxious or moody.

This change in behavior is also common among students who are being bullied. This is why it is important to encourage open dialogue in your home, so your child feels comfortable coming to you about school and their social lives. The more comfortable they feel with talking, the sooner the issue can be resolved and appropriate accommodations can be made.

Misbehaves in class

Many students who are struggling in school will cope by acting out. If your child is falling behind in class, they may exhibit behavioral issues in an attempt to distract from their declining academic performance.

If you’re receiving emails or phone calls from your child’s teachers, it may be time for a conference. Sit down with your child and their teachers for an open discussion. This will allow your child to open up in a safe environment and allow the adults involved to collaborate on finding solutions.

Takes longer to complete homework

Students struggling in school may be having issues with one subject or all subjects. As they struggle to understand new concepts or retain new information, you may notice they’re taking longer to complete their homework. They might miss deadlines because they haven’t mastered the material.

Sit down with your child and determine what areas of study they’re struggling with. You may consider contacting their teacher for additional help or encouraging your child to pursue after-school tutoring.

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