Signs of Childhood ADHD

Over 6 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD is an attention-deficit disorder that causes hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Here are a few tell-tale signs your child may have ADHD:

Lack of focus

A lack of focus is probably the most common symptom of ADHD. Due to hyperactivity, children with ADHD have a short attention span and often have trouble focusing on tasks or assignments. Many tasks go unfinished, especially if the tasks require extensive mental effort. Additionally, a lack of focus often manifests as self-focused behavior; for example, children with ADHD may interrupt someone while they are speaking. This self-focused behavior may also result in random outbursts or tantrums at inappropriate times.


Hyperactivity often manifests as fidgeting or the inability to sit still. Therefore, children with ADHD often have issues in a classroom setting, especially when they are required to remain in their seats and complete their work. This need for constant stimulation means that children with ADHD may have issues playing quietly or engaging calmly with others. 

Forgetfulness and mistakes

Children with ADHD often struggle with organization and managing responsibilities. Therefore, these children often forget to complete schoolwork or household chores. Many children with ADHD have trouble following instructions, so if they do complete a task, they may make some mistakes along the way.  

At The Kangaroo Forest, we recognize that ADHD can be a learning hurdle. Our childcare professionals have years of experience teaching students with ADHD. We design curriculum that is challenging, engaging, and will set your children up for academic success. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!


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