Is My Child Ready for Social Media?

Is your child asking to join social media? As entertaining as social media may be, it can also be dangerous, especially for young, impressionable children. Before allowing your child to join, there are a few things to consider:

Child grooming

Is your child impressionable? Is your child easily convinced when presented new information? These may be signs your child is not ready for social media. The internet is vast. Therefore, there is a possibility your child could be interacting with strangers on social media. The anonymity of social media and the internet makes it easy for predators to target impressionable children. Social media has made child grooming easier than ever before. A child must develop greater awareness before joining social media.

Mature or harmful content

Social media was once just a way to connect with family and friends online. Now, social media not only serves as a means to communicate, but as a marketplace, a source of news, a platform for political debate, and more. Therefore, social media users are often exposed to posts, images, and videos that could be potentially harmful or upsetting. Your child must have the emotional maturity to view this type of content without experiencing the negative effects or responding in irrational ways.

Cause and effect

It takes years of development for a child to grasp cause and effect — the idea that our actions have consequences. When you post something on the internet, it is there to stay; when you post something on the internet, you are essentially creating an electronic record. Therefore, it is important for your child to understand cause and effect before joining social media. They must first understand that what they say or post on social media can have consequences.

Need more guidance on how to address issues like these? The childcare professionals at The Kangaroo Forest may be able to assist. Give us a call!


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