Supporting Learning Disabilities in Children

As your child enters daycare, they will begin to expand their knowledge of words, math and other curriculum. Over time, you may notice your child’s progress slows. When you have a working relationship with your child’s teacher, you can work together to determine if a learning disability is holding your child back from reaching their full potential. 

Learning disabilities are defined as disorders that inhibit the ability to process and retain information. Statistics show one in five students will be diagnosed with a learning disability in their lifetime. These disorders are not uncommon and with help your child can develop strategies to combat their disability. Read more about the four most common learning disabilities below:


Dyslexia is the best known learning disability. It affects the student’s ability to read and comprehend a text, but can manifest in different ways. Some students may struggle to break words down according to sound, while other struggles relate to fluency, spelling or comprehension. 


Some argue Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is not a learning disability. Regardless, ADHD is a common learning hurdle. Students diagnosed with ADHD struggle to pay attention and stay on task in a traditional school environment. Unlike other learning disabilities, ADHD can be successfully treated with medication and behavioral therapy.


Dyscalculia affects one’s math capabilities. It can be the inability to order numbers correctly or limited problem-solving strategies. Students with dyscalculia may struggle with basic math calculations or struggle with concepts like time, measurement or estimation.

Most individuals mistakenly group writing disabilities in with dyslexia. However, writing disabilities are known as dysgraphia. Dysgraphia can affect a student in many ways including the physical act of writing, difficulty writing with expression, trouble organizing thoughts or the inability to understand basic sentence and grammatical structure.

The Kangaroo Forest, a daycare located in The Woodlands, uses curriculum to challenge students. Our staff take great care in monitoring your student’s progress to identify learning disabilities as early as possible and help your child discover learning strategies to keep them on pace with their peers. Questions? Contact us.


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