Teaching Your Child How to Respond to Emergencies

The unexpected can happen in a moment’s notice. Is your child prepared to respond in emergency situations? We have compiled a list of tips for teaching your child how to respond in emergencies:

Emergencies vs non-emergencies

Before your child can learn how to respond in emergency situations, they must have a clear understanding of what an “emergency” is. Therefore, it is important that you clearly define what is and isn’t an emergency. Explain to your child that an emergency can be defined as a situation that poses a threat to one’s health or safety and requires immediate action.

Provide examples of potential emergencies, such as a fire, an intruder entering the home, someone falling unconscious, etc. Remind your child that if they’re ever uncertain about the severity of a situation, they should consult the nearest adult.

Remain calm

Though it is human nature to panic in an emergency situation, it is important that you teach your child to remain calm in emergencies. Explain to your child that they can get help and resolve the situation quicker when they remain calm. Often, panicking can actually escalate the situation.

Call 911

Now that your child can define an emergency, they must learn how to get help when they need it. It’s time to teach your child about calling 911! The number is short and easy to remember, but creating a song or rhyme for “911” would be a great memory aid for small children. Explain that when you call 911, a police dispatcher will take your information and details about the situation before sending police and first responders. Emphasize the importance of remaining calm during the call, so the dispatcher can gather the information they need to send help.

Remind your child that they should only call 911 in the case of an emergency — if they call 911 for non-emergencies, they could get in trouble with the police.  

At The Kangaroo Forest, the safety of our students is our top priority. Therefore, emergency preparedness is something our childcare professionals take seriously. At The Kangaroo Forest, we practice regular fire and lockdown drills, so our students know what to expect and how to respond if these situations occur. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!


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