Teaching Your Child Pool Etiquette

The poolside is where everyone wants to be during the heat of the summer. It’s a place where families can let loose and have a good time. It’s also a place where people want to relax, bask in the sun, or visit with friends. Since public pools are open to all ages, it can be a loud and noisy environment. It’s important to enjoy yourself, but teaching your children howto be considerate to others, is too. Show your child the ways of pool etiquette for both safety and out of consideration for other swimmers.

Pool Manners

When school lets out, kids are ready to have some fun. The public pool is a hotspot for anyone who is looking to do just that! But just like anywhere else, there are certain manners you should use when around strangers. To be realistic, kids are going to get excited, splash, and play with water toys. This is encouraged to ensure a fun time, but should be done in a respectful way. Help your child understand that there are boundaries when it comes to the people around you. Encourage them to have fun without spraying strangers with water guns, playing with other children’s toys without permission, and intentionally swimming into someone’s personal space. Teaching them to be aware of their surroundings will help them understand social cues in public places.  

Pool Safety


Other pool manners can be safety related. If your public pool has a lifeguard, help your child understand what their purpose is. Express to them that they are there to protect you, but also expect you to follow their pool rules. Teach your child about the dangers of running around the pool, diving in shallow water, and partaking in rowdy horseplay. These rules are in place to keep your child safe, so educating them on these conditions prior to visiting the pool can prevent injury. Rules are not meant to ruin the fun, but are there to help your child play safely.

In places like the public pool, your child is entitled to having a good time just like everyone else. Pool etiquette is there to help little ones learn consideration, but also how to be cautious. This way, you and your family can enjoy a pleasurable day in harmony with other pool goers. 

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