The Benefits of Napping

Preschoolers require between 11 - 14 hours of sleep a day, which is significantly more than the average adult requires. Children require more sleep because they are still developing both mentally and physically. However, many parents wonder when and if their toddler should stop taking naps during the day. Napping is beneficial in many ways though. Here are 3 reasons your toddler should be napping throughout the day:

Improved Mood and Behavior

Naps are a crucial part of a toddler’s day. Without adequate sleep, your toddler may experience irritability which could lead to angry outbursts - and a moody toddler can make for a long day! Having a scheduled nap during the day not only allows your toddler to develop a routine and expectations, but they will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of their day. Additionally, a toddler who naps throughout the day will sleep easier through the night.

Improved Memory and Learning

Studies show that naps actually improve a toddler’s classroom performance. With insufficient sleep, a toddler’s attention span decreases, making it more difficult to focus in class. Additionally, a toddler is less likely to retain information when sleep deprived. Therefore, naps are crucial for learning. Daily naps will set your child up for academic success.

Promotes Growth and Development

Just as children require proper nutrition and physical activity in order to develop, adequate sleep is just as imperative. Toddlers experience rapid periods of growth and much of this growth occurs while they sleep. If toddlers are sleep deprived, they are likely falling behind on the growth curve. Daily naps will ensure your child achieves optimal health!

At Kangaroo Forest, we seek to provide positive learning opportunities for our students.  

However, we understand that our students may not benefit from these opportunities if they are sleep deprived. We want your child to succeed, so we implement scheduled nap times for all age groups. Interested in learning more? Contact us directly!


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