4 Ways to Help Your Child Improve Their Handwriting

Teaching your child to write is a process. As your child progresses through grade school, their handwriting should become more legible. This is a skill they will practice at school, but practicing at home can be incredibly beneficial, as well. Here are 4 ways to help your child improve their handwriting:

Identify the problem

There are a number of reasons a child may be struggling with writing. What is your child’s weakness? Letter formation? Spacing? Sizing? Are they holding the pencil incorrectly? Identify the areas in which your child is struggling and focus their practice in these areas.

Use the right tools

Having the right tools can make all the difference! Someone with small hands may have issues stabilizing a regular sized pencil, resulting in messy handwriting. Therefore, we recommend your child practice with a shorter pencil - and a pencil with an eraser is a must!  

Practice with games and activities

Children have short attention spans. Therefore, it is crucial that you make writing an activity they look forward to. You may achieve this by using games and activities to practice. For instance, a game like hangman will not only allow your child to practice writing several shapes and letters, but also practice alphabet memorization and spelling.

Focus on their fine motor skills

Some of the most common issues children encounter when writing is pencil stabilization and coordination. These issues stem from poor fine motor skills. Therefore, before a child can improve their handwriting, they must enhance their fine motor skills. Your child may achieve this by coloring, folding clothes, molding Play-Doh, etc.

At The Kangaroo Forest, there is always room for growth! Our childcare professionals design curriculum that will allow your child to refine skills, such as handwriting. Interested in learning more about our programs and curriculum? Contact us today!


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