What to Expect in After School Care

For most working parents, after school care is a necessity! But what do students do in after school care? Here’s what you can expect:


Proper nutrition supports overall brain function and development. Therefore, it is important your child is eating well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. By the time your child gets out of school, it has been hours since they have had lunch! Most after school childcare programs will have snacks and drinks waiting for students once they arrive. Students need this quick recharge before starting their homework and participating in classroom activities.


After school programs aren’t all fun and games! Most after school childcare programs offer homework assistance. Once your child arrives, they will likely have designated time to complete their homework — and receive assistance from their teachers, if needed. Once students have completed their school assignments, they can move on to the fun stuff! Work hard, play hard. 

Learning Activities

After school childcare programs are designed to be fun and educational. Childcare professionals will often incorporate age-appropriate games and activities into their curriculum that are entertaining but also support students in their academic advancement. These activities are often hands-on and allow students to explore subjects like math and science.

Physical Activity

According to the CDC, it’s recommended that children ages 6-17 participate in 1 hour of moderate-to-high intensity physical activity a day. Therefore, after a long day of sitting at school, children need to get up and move! In most after school childcare programs, students have the opportunity to run on the playground and socialize with their classmates. 


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