Why Kangaroo Forest Encourages Naps

Children need more than night-time sleep to function and grow properly. Additional sleep during the day gives children’s mind and bodies time to rest and recharge during their developmental stage. Naps give kids the ability to rest and gain energy that benefits their education, physical fitness and overall behavior.


According to the National Science Foundation, naps help preschoolers academically. Results from a recent study show children who nap remember more. Naps allow for memory consolidation. This process allows sleep to reorganize the storage of memories, making it easier for students to retrieve information. 


Statistics also show children who do not get enough sleep tend to have higher rates of obesity. This happens for two reasons. First, tired kids tend to eat more. Second, the lack of energy causes children to avoid physical activities and exercise. Naps let children feel well-rested and give them the energy to maintain a healthy weight. 


Tired children are more likely to cry and throw tantrums. In fact, children who skip their nap are less joyful, more anxious and react worse to frustrating events. Kids who get an appropriate amount of sleep have better attitudes than those who are tired. 

Our Napping Secret

At the Kangaroo Forest, our children take naps based on their age. This means toddlers sleep more than our Pre-K students. Students enrolled in our program experience naps scheduled at the same time each day, giving them a sense of routine.

Letting children nap allow them to learn and grow quicker than if they were to spend all day completing academic-related activities. Naps give our children a break and the opportunity to process new information. To learn more about our teaching philosophy, schedule a tour.


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