Showing Gratitude on World Teachers’ Day

October 5 marks World Teachers’ Day. Remind your children’s teachers just how great they are! Here’s how you can show your gratitude:

A “thank you” note

Teachers work so hard, but sometimes a simple “thank you” goes a long way. Send your child’s teacher an email — or a handwritten “thank you” note. Handwritten notes are personal and thoughtful! Express your gratitude but also share some of the ways they have helped your child and maybe include some anecdotes your child has shared about class. A simple, sweet show of gratitude reminds teachers why they do what they do!

A sweet treat

A simple “thank you” note is enough to show your gratitude, but teachers will never turn down a sweet treat. Show your gratitude by offering homemade baked goods! Sweet treats made from scratch are not only delicious but personal, as they are made with love. 

A gift card

Given the nature of the profession, people often forget that teachers have lives outside of work. They have favorite restaurants, stores, and hobbies. Treat the special teachers in your life this World Teachers’ Day with a gift card to one of their favorite places! If your child’s teacher starts their day with a hot cup of coffee, a Starbucks gift card could be a good choice.

Write an email to admin

Hard work should be acknowledged! Show your gratitude by writing an email to admin, detailing all the ways your child’s teacher has helped them succeed. Admin will remember emails like these when offering raises and promotions. Additionally, if your child’s school district sends out end-of-the-year surveys about their teacher’s performance, fill it out. Your feedback will be taken into consideration for not only raises but to help your child’s teacher grow as a professional.

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